December 7, 2011

Plans Plans Plans…

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Hello everyone!!

Yes I am still planning to school the girls and yes I do still plan to keep you updated on our school happenings- I just haven’t had the time to sort everything out, but now that we have had a few weeks to reflect on it all I have once again made some major decisions that will change our life and how we do things. What are these changes you may ask? Well in my last post I informed you of my plans to become a teacher in the near future which would mean that F would stay in school and baby K would go to nursery. Well in the past few months we have had a lot of ups and downs with our experiences of both. I have been working part time in a children’s centre which although providing a platform in which I could increase my skills and knowledge of the early years educational framework has proven to be quite a strain on our family. Balancing working life and raising a family is NOT easy to say the least! In the past few weeks we have had a number of sickies in the family which has forced us all to stay home. This is when I thought and tried to prioritise what’s important to me as a Muslimah and as a mother.

I don’t know about other women but going from having my girls with me all the time to not having them both and having to rush to a centre where I hold and care for other children has been quite tough. I’ve gone back and forth on feelings of guilt and worry as I dread missing out on precious time with my girls. The thing is in life we cant have everything, this isn’t heaven after all so there will always have to be a level of sacrifice so I guess what I have been trying to decide upon is where those lines should be made. And with this in mind, I have decided that I am no longer going to work or plan to work until baby K is of school age which means no more nursery for baby K, and in the mean time I would allow F to continue with her school and supplement for her so that she receives a broader and more in depth education.  This would allow me to ensure that I don’t feel guilty about F not having the ‘good’ education that I want for her, whilst building the foundations that baby K needs. In turn I would then return to my plans to teach when baby K goes to school, which will solve other issues such as financial security my own aspirations and so forth.

So that’s the first major decision, the second is in regards to what how and when I will teach the girls. In my last post I spoke of F’s extra curricula activities and how important I thought they were. Well in my hopes to broaden her experiences, I think I went to the extreme.  This term we have been taking part in 11 activities, two of which were during school times. Wow right? Well we are all worn out and I have come to realise as lovely as it may seem to take part in everything [ and believe me there were more that I wanted to try out], being a Jack of all trades but a master of none, isn’t what I hoped for her. So we have drastically cut down on everything as of next term, she will only do Brownies, Drama, French and Swimming as well as taking part in two other activities during school time. This will allow us to be free most afternoons, so that we can proceed with the task of extra school. I’m trying to learn from this experience so I will try not to overdo it with school work either as one may agree we hope to get quality work done rather than worry about the quantity.  I am just in the process of writing up my daily plans and will share with you this week how I sorted my ideas and curricula in the next post so stay posted.

Before I forget, having baby K with me means that I plan to school her too, although we won’t really be doing school work per say more like educationally geared activities with an aim of ensuring that she masters different skills and learns different concepts. I have been reading different homeschool blogs for ideas on what to do and how to go about it, and think I have now found a plan that will work for both of us. As this area is quite new to me I’m thinking of planning for a month’s worth of activities for her so that we can evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t to improve our experiences.  It’s amazing how much young children take in in such a short space of time isn’t it? Just this week alone I have concentrated on working with baby K on her number recognition up to ten and she has almost mastered them already!!! I can’t wait to share with you my plans and to share our experiences with you. I’ve spent much of this week bringing out books out of boxes that I didn’t even know we had lol. Stay tuned for a peek in our toddler adventures.

Wish you all well

Umm Fatimah


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