August 29, 2010

Two days and counting…

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A few days till we start school- Yaay!! We haven’t been doing much school work in the past month since I’ve had my head glued to my text books, preparing for exams and more or less have had F reading every day. However, she has managed to get through quite a few books in that time which is great. I’m noticing huge improvements in her fluency and confidenceJ. Her interest in reading is also developing, which I am very pleased about.  She does not doubt herself anymore when I assign books that maybe a little more challenging, have longer chapters or generally a thicker book.

Great timing really because this coming term I am hoping to really concentrates on her writing. We have quite a lot of work to get through, so hopefully we’re on the right track. I’ve spent some time looking through different reading lists for grades 2/3 and 4 to give her a variety of text to read from which has been a real help actually so we will continue with this system of choosing. I’m hoping to set up a column with our reading lists, which I’m hoping to get round to pretty soon, so stay posted.

At the moment I’m bogged down with doing our daily planning. I’ve managed to write up a table of what work I hope to cover on a monthly basis up to December, then I’ve broken down the subjects to identify how this can actually be done, on a weekly basis, all that is left is to complete the daily lesson plans, for this term which is turning into a task in itself.  I’ve never been the kind of person who obsesses about schedules and deadlines, well maybe the deadline part lol. So I’m seeing what a chore it is, however at the same time, looking at our daily plans really helps to put into prospective what you want to cover and whether you really can fit it all in.

Additionally it gives an opportunity to glance at how your child will develop be it academically or otherwise, which is great!! We just have to stick to it like glue!  I’m very excited about starting school again, not only because I’m hoping to complete some of our previous materials and starting others but also because I won’t be studying in September as I hope my degree will now be over [still waiting on results. So I can concentrate 100% on F and her work- I’m sure in many ways I will be learning along with her 🙂

If you remember correctly F was taking a summer course on Quranic Phonics. She will have her last lesson tomorrow which will mark the ending of their level 1 and 2 Quran program. She has done very well with this course.  Alhamdulilah she has managed to retain all the tuition and can happily tell you all the rules that she has learnt so far. She is very pleased mostly with being able to pick up the Mushaaf to read it on her own [perhaps with very minimal help].They have just been reading surah Baqrah for practice and she seems to be doing pretty well. All she needs now is plenty of practice on a regular basis.

Insha’Allah my aim for this year, is to start her over again with Juz-Ama and to have her sound out each surah a number of times with the Mushaaf and without, this will reinforce correct pronunciation as well as improving accuracy. Her fluency Insha’Allah will follow naturally with the practice so no worries there. So our general aim for now is to complete 3 surahs a week with perfect pronunciation Insha’Allah. If we follow this plan we should finish some time in spring which would be great. I ask Allah to make it easy for her, and to bless her heart with the beauty of that which she will learn Ameen.

Well I ought to be getting back to my planning so that’s all for now.



  1. Imaan said,

    as salaamu `alaykum 🙂

    You must be very busy 🙂 I keep hoping for an update! I hope you are well bi idhnillah 🙂

    • Umm Fatimah said,

      Wa alaykuma salaam sis,

      Mashallah we have been busy! I must say that I have missed blogging and my obsession to ready homeschool blogs lol. I hope that all has been well with you and co. Were back so come back and join us Insha’Allah

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