July 27, 2010

AAS[2] … Yaaay!

Posted in Spelling at 1:17 am by Umm Fatimah

Hey there! A little update on spelling…

So we finished AAS1 a while back now [or so it seems], and haven’t really managed to plunge into level two until now. We managed to complete the first lesson which was a review of the main topics covered in the first level. F had no problems, so that’s great. I think what helped her on this front, was that I got her to complete some worksheets from our Language Smarts book last week. She covered plural and singular, r controlled vowels and compound words. Which she has thankfully now mastered and so we are set for officially setting sail with book 2.

The cutest thing that we sometimes have a giggle about is our little index case. It impressed baby K so much that in each spelling lesson she demanded to carry it around with her, even though it was far to heavy for her small hands to carry. So cute! So I brought baby K her own pink one to differentiate and the girl hasn’t looked back since Masha’Allah.



  1. Imaan said,

    as salaamu `alaykum…

    OK LOVE that nifty box! So nice to see your posts and ideas ma shaa Allah.

    • Umm Fatimah said,

      Wa alaykuma salaam sis,

      My first comment!!! lol.

      I know aint it just cute? It was the high light of starting AAS for me. I was more excited than F about it lol. Still am I think. The best part of it is that I don’t lose anything. I’m one of those people who could misplace my girls if I wasn’t careful lol [maybe not that bad]

      Thanks for dropping by sis, do come by often Insha’Allah

  2. Umm Fatimah said,

    Hello mummy have a good day.

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