July 14, 2010

Last week and a little of this one.

Posted in Weakly update at 12:11 pm by Umm Fatimah

We’ve had a pretty relaxed week, taking things slowly and not living by the schedual as much as I’d hoped. To be honest I’m not really a schedual type of gal so this was always going to be a bit of a strech for me. Nonetheless we did meet most of our targets at the end of the week.

Firstly we managed to get through AAS1 and are soon to start AAS2 next week Insha’Allah. I am hoping to do a quick review this week of SWO B so that we can get a move on with this also and have it finished by the summer Insha’allah. We wont work on it as often as AAS1 so Insha’Allah that will strech out for the summer. Although AAS1 was pretty easy 99% of the time, it allowed for us to have a gental introduction to the program, so that F is now comfortable with it and is very much looking forward to the next stage Insha’Allah. We were also able to pick a few new rules that we hadn’t covered before, for example the difference between having a K or a ck at the end of a word. I didn’t even know the ‘why’ myself! aint it weired how your just know what looks right, or rather how it is spelled but don’t have a clue about the rule? Alhamdulilah I can foresee that I will relearn alot whilst homeschooling F 🙂

We didn’t cover much on the Maths front, and have decided that this week we will do some review work insted of moving on. Insha’Allah it will give F some free time to really absorb most of the information she has been learning. We were really excited to have RSM delivered yesterday morning. I have been having a sneak peek and all the manipulatives look really cool. Baby K was most excited to get her hands on things Masha’Allah :-). I made a quick comparision last night between the two programs, and am wondering how I will enable F to maintain alot of the principles that she would have learnt in Beta [MUS], perhaps I will have to make some enrichment material for her just to keep her on her toes. Over all we’re all very excited about starting RSM in september Insha’Allah.

We’re still reading through OPG and some times feel a little surprised at how quickly F is able to apply the rules she learns. Masha’Allah her reading is really coming along now which I am very pleased with. I recently brought her a reward chart and a load of stickers to help encourage her in her reading. It seems to be changing her attitude some what as she looks forward to picking her stickers. Perhaps at the end of each week I will reward her with doing an activity of her choice twice in the week. This way she will not only get to look forward to our activities but hopfully the promise of more will motivate her to make a consious effort in her reading Insha’Allah. I’ll update you with how she gets on.

Her Quran classes have been going ok. The work is still basic for her, but she enjoys sitting on the computer without baby K’s distractions lol. Its soon going to get a little tougher for her but were both looking forward to it Insha’Allah. I love to see her with a Mushaaf in her hand reading the Quran. I consider it one of the most blessed moments as a muslim mum. Baby K has been joining in with some reading, shes being learning to say Aalif Baa Taa Thaa Geem Haa [arabic alphabet]. Walahi its amazing how much babies pick up just from observing you.

I’ve been wondering about schooling baby K who is very interested in participating at school time. I usually give her crayons and a book and she sits happily for a good while concentrating on her colouring. I can see already that she appreciates the responsibility [I amost laughed thinking to connect this word with a 14month old] of working with F. How her face lights up when I ask her if she wants to take part is priceless Masha’Allah. Schooling her at this stage wouldn’t be anything formal, perhaps in autumn Insha’Allah I can start her on word and number recognition. I had already brought some things for her, Insha’Allah I will have to dig it up and see what maybe relevant.

Thats all for now. All the best!



  1. Ben-yelles said,

    Salam ailaikom,

    I am working long hours in a call centre which gives the time to surf and read your blog whilst I’m waiting for calls. Currently, I am enjoying your updates with F on your homeschooling blog. Masha Allah! I am sorry about what happened with us. It just the shaytan! I’m impressed with F’s improvements. Moreover it seems that you are enjoying and getting used to home schooling too. El hamdou Allah and may Allah make it easier for you!

    I am happy to hear that F is using my Koran Nourania Computer Program and baby K is learning the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet. Masha Allah that is so cute. Rabi yahfadhoum. Insha Allah!

    I hope that your mum’s health has improved and that you are advancing in your revision. How far have you got with your revision? I f you need any help don’t hesitate to ask. Two heads are always better than one. I miss the girls a lot. Send my love to girls.

    Salam ailaikom,

    Malika xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Umm Fatimah said,

    Wa alaykuma salaam wa’rahmatulah

    Jazak’Allah Kair for your comment sis, Alhamdulilah we are all well and mum is doing fine Alhamdulilah- Plently of rest is what she needs Insha’Allah, you should come visit her she would love to see you.

    F isn’t using your Nourania package, she has started an online Quran course which is using this book. Shes currently covering 4 lessons a week for 4hours which is good Mash’Allah- I tend to forget the time -Ooops!

    Yes baby K May Allah preserve her loves to learn, she is our little bundle of joy and surprises us every day with new vocabulary or her level of understanding of what is going on around her- May Allah bless her in It. Ameen

    With regard to our disagreement, Insha’Allah it is all forgotten. I will send your salaam to the girls Insha’Allah- Barak’Allah Feeke

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