July 4, 2010

2010-2011 Curricula Changes

Posted in 2010-2011 Curricula at 11:23 am by Umm Fatimah

I hinted in my last post that we would possibly make some more changes to our 2010-2011 year curricula. Well the biggest changes at the moment would be in our Language Art curricula. I did say that we found the WWE curriculum quite slow some times, and although I do see the benefits of working through copy work, narration and then dictation I still worry that F is not actively being given opportunity to actually write.

With this in mind I started looking into other writing programs. I was considering Classical Writing when I came across Writing Tales. This program offers two levels of study. I am considering to only do one. Although this may change depending on how F gets on with the work. The work is based on studying a story which is covered in two lessons. Each lesson is about a week long. The most appealing thing to me about this curriculum is that it takes WWE principles a step further which is great. Here the student is given the opportunity to study a story in depth and to then rewrite the story.

Now although the classical approach calls for a stricter rule of not deviating i.e. creativity not being necessary in the grammar stages I don’t think there is any harm in fostering a child’s natural inclination of creativity. And behold Writing Tales contend that this not only increases the enjoyment for the child as they are being given an opportunity to make a personal input but also that the two principles combined will continue to foster a sound understanding of how to craft words into well-written sentences.

Sounds great huh? Our first level just came through the post and having had a skim read, I am quite pleased with it. I’m considering on having F start it sometime in September once we have finished WWE2. We will continue with WWE3 alongside Writing Tales as I am planning on introducing the Michael Clay Thompson curricula in January. I’m not quite sure if that would be the best time to move on, this will depend on how F gets on in the mean time. Insha’Allah Kair. So that’s my plans for now until January at least. Stay tuned folks!


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