2010-2011 Curricula

What are we going to be studying this following year? Well assuming all goes well with or summer school we shall be embarking upon an exciting year Insha’Allah. Below is the round up:

Writing: We will continue to use WWE3 in September but also start Writing Tales [WT]1 which should be finished by January. I’ve already discussed why I’ve chosen WT so if you are interested you can find that post on here. Once finished we’ll then start on Sentence Island [Really looking forward to both curricula] which is part of our new language arts curricula. I’m not sure yet whether we will continue on with WWE in the following years. Perhaps we would have done enough copywork/narration/dictation to be able to move to the next stage. If I feel F needs any extra practice in this area, I guess it can be utilized from the other subjects.

Spelling: AAS 3&4 as well as SWO C&D. AAS is a great curriculum, SWO will be used as a supplement, just to get more practice.

Vocabulary: WW3000 3&4 up until January and then we will start Building language which is the Vocabulary book for the MCTLA curricula. Having said that we may also continue with WW3000 by using level 5 also, I am not sure. I guess it will depend if the work load is ok for F.

Reading: we shall continue to use ETC books 6,7,8,. They will allow F to practice skills already learnt from OPG. We may dip back into OPG now and again, in case F has forgets a rule.

Grammar: we hope to start and finish FLL3 in the autumn term so that we will be on course to begin Grammar Island in January. I’m doing it this way, because I find the first two levels of FLL to be quite basic. I’m hoping that F will benefit from the diagramming aspect with is introduced on the third level. We will also use the Practice Island workbook to reinforce the principles covered in the core text.

Poetry: We haven’t directly studied the language of poetry this year. This will change in January when we will start using The Music of the Hemispheres. F and I are really looking forward to this book. F is a lover of words, and although she is only a second grader I can foresee that she will appreciate poetry. Great stuff!!

Maths: We will start on RSM B in September and finish it sometime in December. At which point we will continue on to RSM C and restart MUS Gamma. Do I sound like I’m over doing it by making her do maths twice? Hmm I don’t think so. She’s a bright kid, who picks up on things real fast and happens to have an excellent memory, so I hope to utilize her ability and to stretch it just enough to help her to reach her potential. Look out for an update in the year on how we get on with this plan.

Science: We did next to none with our science curriculum this year. So next year I shall make a huge effort to get into the swing of things in this area. We will continue to use Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding but also start using R.E.A.L science life level 1. I’m not sure how we will get on, I’m assuming that we will use them throughout the year.

History: This is another area that we fell short of this year. I had originally hoped to use Story of the World book 1, however I’ve decided to step back for the coming year and study The Story of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir. I’m looking forward to write up a plan of study on this topic, I’ll update you when it‘s finished Insha’Allah.

Geography: I wasn’t sure where to go with this one to be honest. I’ve recently made a purchase of The Trail Guide to World Geography so I’ll give this ago Insha’Allah. Perhaps this is one of those subjects that is better taught using living books? Must look into it!

Islamic Studies: I have huge plans in this subject. Well not necessarily plans more like aims. I hope for F to have completed memorising Juz Ama [A chapter of the Quran] by second grade. She is currently studying the Quran Phonics which she will have finished by the summer. Thus by the Autumn I will start her on reading and revising at the same time. I much prefer for her to be able to read and then revise as she goes along. I am hoping that this will enable her to store this in her long term memory.

She will also continue to work on her Islamic workbooks throughout the year, I’ve decided to take these slowly because I hope to start her on reading and memorising The Three Fundamental Principles of Islaam. I hope to organise this book in a way that she will understand without diluting its core content. She is an attentive listener with regards to religion, and she is already jumping up and down, when I told her she will study one of mummy’s books. Happy faces all round!

Well thats all we got at the moment. I’m hoping that this will be more than enough to keep us busy next year. I wonder what you guys plan to use. do share! 🙂


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