December 7, 2011

Plans Plans Plans…

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Hello everyone!!

Yes I am still planning to school the girls and yes I do still plan to keep you updated on our school happenings- I just haven’t had the time to sort everything out, but now that we have had a few weeks to reflect on it all I have once again made some major decisions that will change our life and how we do things. What are these changes you may ask? Well in my last post I informed you of my plans to become a teacher in the near future which would mean that F would stay in school and baby K would go to nursery. Well in the past few months we have had a lot of ups and downs with our experiences of both. I have been working part time in a children’s centre which although providing a platform in which I could increase my skills and knowledge of the early years educational framework has proven to be quite a strain on our family. Balancing working life and raising a family is NOT easy to say the least! In the past few weeks we have had a number of sickies in the family which has forced us all to stay home. This is when I thought and tried to prioritise what’s important to me as a Muslimah and as a mother.

I don’t know about other women but going from having my girls with me all the time to not having them both and having to rush to a centre where I hold and care for other children has been quite tough. I’ve gone back and forth on feelings of guilt and worry as I dread missing out on precious time with my girls. The thing is in life we cant have everything, this isn’t heaven after all so there will always have to be a level of sacrifice so I guess what I have been trying to decide upon is where those lines should be made. And with this in mind, I have decided that I am no longer going to work or plan to work until baby K is of school age which means no more nursery for baby K, and in the mean time I would allow F to continue with her school and supplement for her so that she receives a broader and more in depth education.  This would allow me to ensure that I don’t feel guilty about F not having the ‘good’ education that I want for her, whilst building the foundations that baby K needs. In turn I would then return to my plans to teach when baby K goes to school, which will solve other issues such as financial security my own aspirations and so forth.

So that’s the first major decision, the second is in regards to what how and when I will teach the girls. In my last post I spoke of F’s extra curricula activities and how important I thought they were. Well in my hopes to broaden her experiences, I think I went to the extreme.  This term we have been taking part in 11 activities, two of which were during school times. Wow right? Well we are all worn out and I have come to realise as lovely as it may seem to take part in everything [ and believe me there were more that I wanted to try out], being a Jack of all trades but a master of none, isn’t what I hoped for her. So we have drastically cut down on everything as of next term, she will only do Brownies, Drama, French and Swimming as well as taking part in two other activities during school time. This will allow us to be free most afternoons, so that we can proceed with the task of extra school. I’m trying to learn from this experience so I will try not to overdo it with school work either as one may agree we hope to get quality work done rather than worry about the quantity.  I am just in the process of writing up my daily plans and will share with you this week how I sorted my ideas and curricula in the next post so stay posted.

Before I forget, having baby K with me means that I plan to school her too, although we won’t really be doing school work per say more like educationally geared activities with an aim of ensuring that she masters different skills and learns different concepts. I have been reading different homeschool blogs for ideas on what to do and how to go about it, and think I have now found a plan that will work for both of us. As this area is quite new to me I’m thinking of planning for a month’s worth of activities for her so that we can evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t to improve our experiences.  It’s amazing how much young children take in in such a short space of time isn’t it? Just this week alone I have concentrated on working with baby K on her number recognition up to ten and she has almost mastered them already!!! I can’t wait to share with you my plans and to share our experiences with you. I’ve spent much of this week bringing out books out of boxes that I didn’t even know we had lol. Stay tuned for a peek in our toddler adventures.

Wish you all well

Umm Fatimah


September 11, 2011

Were Back!

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Asalaamu Alaykum everyone, Long time no see or rather read/write 🙂

Where have we been? Well in the past year a lot changed in our family life, both structurally as well as our priorities. I had to make a decision not to continue homeschooling last autumn which lead F to return into the public education system. Alhamdulilah it wasn’t so difficult to find her a good school and so I have managed to put her into one of the ‘better’ primary schools. Our experiences so far are a mix and match. I must say in hindsight I can definitely see the differences between state schools and independent schools. But so far it is going well enough. I say well enough as my concerns that the public education system isn’t enough is proofing true. Last year I more or less took a back stage in teaching F altogether, as I had to concentrate on my studies.

I had to retake my final year as I lost out on a module and so had to balance that and home life and the general adjustments to our family. Alhamdulilah now I have successfully completed my degree and F has settled into school. Although I studied Law at university I would like to become an early years teacher and so this year I will be applying to a teacher training course as well as working part time in a children’s center. In order to do this baby K will have to start nursery as well which is going to be a challenge. So life is going to be busy busy!!

So why am I still on a homeschooling blog, well after much thought I have decided to before/after school F. As I previously said after all the research and curricula to hand I can see the major gaps that she would otherwise have if I were to leave her education to her school. And so today I will plan out what I want her to learn in addition to school so that I can broaden her studies.

An important lesson I have learned this year is that I did not provide enough extra curricula activities for F. To be honest she did next to none. She has recently started swimming, gymnastics, and french. All of which are coming along. There is a possibility that I may change some of these round. I will update you on this nearer to the time.

Although I didn’t do very much with F last year, baby K and I did experience a number of educational toddler groups. I was concerned last winter that baby K was not as vocal as her sister at her age and was rather a shy child which didn’t really help. I came across baby sign language class which we started. I can not emphasis enough how amazing it is!! baby K went from speaking a handful of words to perhaps a hundred more, all vocally as well as in sign. she learnt to count, her colours, animals and many many more. I am so pleased that I did this with her as she is now doing very well.

I have decided this year is the year that I make huge developments in the academic abilities of both my girls. Baby K is 2 and I think she is very ready for some informal educational activities. My general plan for her is exposure- to ensure that she has as many experiences as possible. For F she is now in year 4 [she was my baby just last week: subhanallah] and I believe this is a very important year for her. I’m taking the ‘its all or nothing’ approach so we will work very very hard this year.

Having plans to work full time in the near future, home schooling wont be an option for us so I hope to work towards helping her gain entrance to one of the independent girl schools for her secondary education and to do this we have a lot to get through [Insha’Allah I am trying to think ahead].  Please join us in our adventures to learn learn learn.

See you all soon.

Umm Fatimah

August 29, 2010

Two days and counting…

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A few days till we start school- Yaay!! We haven’t been doing much school work in the past month since I’ve had my head glued to my text books, preparing for exams and more or less have had F reading every day. However, she has managed to get through quite a few books in that time which is great. I’m noticing huge improvements in her fluency and confidenceJ. Her interest in reading is also developing, which I am very pleased about.  She does not doubt herself anymore when I assign books that maybe a little more challenging, have longer chapters or generally a thicker book.

Great timing really because this coming term I am hoping to really concentrates on her writing. We have quite a lot of work to get through, so hopefully we’re on the right track. I’ve spent some time looking through different reading lists for grades 2/3 and 4 to give her a variety of text to read from which has been a real help actually so we will continue with this system of choosing. I’m hoping to set up a column with our reading lists, which I’m hoping to get round to pretty soon, so stay posted.

At the moment I’m bogged down with doing our daily planning. I’ve managed to write up a table of what work I hope to cover on a monthly basis up to December, then I’ve broken down the subjects to identify how this can actually be done, on a weekly basis, all that is left is to complete the daily lesson plans, for this term which is turning into a task in itself.  I’ve never been the kind of person who obsesses about schedules and deadlines, well maybe the deadline part lol. So I’m seeing what a chore it is, however at the same time, looking at our daily plans really helps to put into prospective what you want to cover and whether you really can fit it all in.

Additionally it gives an opportunity to glance at how your child will develop be it academically or otherwise, which is great!! We just have to stick to it like glue!  I’m very excited about starting school again, not only because I’m hoping to complete some of our previous materials and starting others but also because I won’t be studying in September as I hope my degree will now be over [still waiting on results. So I can concentrate 100% on F and her work- I’m sure in many ways I will be learning along with her 🙂

If you remember correctly F was taking a summer course on Quranic Phonics. She will have her last lesson tomorrow which will mark the ending of their level 1 and 2 Quran program. She has done very well with this course.  Alhamdulilah she has managed to retain all the tuition and can happily tell you all the rules that she has learnt so far. She is very pleased mostly with being able to pick up the Mushaaf to read it on her own [perhaps with very minimal help].They have just been reading surah Baqrah for practice and she seems to be doing pretty well. All she needs now is plenty of practice on a regular basis.

Insha’Allah my aim for this year, is to start her over again with Juz-Ama and to have her sound out each surah a number of times with the Mushaaf and without, this will reinforce correct pronunciation as well as improving accuracy. Her fluency Insha’Allah will follow naturally with the practice so no worries there. So our general aim for now is to complete 3 surahs a week with perfect pronunciation Insha’Allah. If we follow this plan we should finish some time in spring which would be great. I ask Allah to make it easy for her, and to bless her heart with the beauty of that which she will learn Ameen.

Well I ought to be getting back to my planning so that’s all for now.

July 27, 2010

An exciting parcel & a laid back approach

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Just had to share this one with you before I drift off to sleep. Our postman hasn’t been complaining lately, as he no longer has to carry stacks of books on our behalf :-), so if you were to visit us in the mornings, there wouldn’t be a fight to reach the door between the girls and I. However, today was almost like a breath of fresh air when a Royal Fireworks Press [RFP] parcel came through our door. To think that I had actually forgotten that I’d even ordered these books! Ooops.

I’ve been rethinking our curriculum schedule that I posted over the weekend, and dare I say I’m considering to tweak it a little after seeing the content of the above books. For the  summer I was planning to balance F’s home school studies and my own revision time [in case I haven’t mentioned already, I’m studying for a Law degree and this is my final year]. Although I wanted to push for F to get some work out of the way so that we could progress with next year’s curriculum along with the rest of the schooling world. Life isn’t always as you plan and I am left contemplating on pushing our deadlines back a few weeks.

Hmmm this would give me the window I need to dig into my last minute revision [I am such a last minute person] as well as easing up on the pressures of home school for F and I. So yeah I will, what harm can it do? So you’re wondering what changes I am making right. Well instead of continuing with our general language art curricula, I’ll try to give her more independent work instead. Hence the Aesop’s Fable curricula pictured above. Despite there being  four books in the series, I’m not sure how many we will actually need for now. I guess time will tell.

The layout of the book requires that she reads an Aesop’s Fable, learns a list of vocabulary set in the story [what I would class as the 1st assignment]. For this F can practice using her dictionary to look up the correct meaning of the words and then to do copywork to familiarise herself with the meaning given in the dictionary.

 Then she is required to write a sentence based on a picture which she must also colour. The remaining part of this lesson are a set of grammar exercises nothing too complicated,  but straight to the point. Which I think is a highlight of the curricula I have so far purchased from RFP. The books aren’t very thick so. if F enjoys them, then we may continue with them in the autumn until we complete them. Is there such a thing as too much writing? Naaa

Classics in the Classroom  is written by MCT who is the author of MCTLA[our new LA curricula for next year]. Many have spoken of this book very highly so I’m looking forward to a quite read :-). I had a sneak peek at it this morning and he did grab my undivided attention. Advice here I come!

AAS[2] … Yaaay!

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Hey there! A little update on spelling…

So we finished AAS1 a while back now [or so it seems], and haven’t really managed to plunge into level two until now. We managed to complete the first lesson which was a review of the main topics covered in the first level. F had no problems, so that’s great. I think what helped her on this front, was that I got her to complete some worksheets from our Language Smarts book last week. She covered plural and singular, r controlled vowels and compound words. Which she has thankfully now mastered and so we are set for officially setting sail with book 2.

The cutest thing that we sometimes have a giggle about is our little index case. It impressed baby K so much that in each spelling lesson she demanded to carry it around with her, even though it was far to heavy for her small hands to carry. So cute! So I brought baby K her own pink one to differentiate and the girl hasn’t looked back since Masha’Allah.

July 24, 2010

2010-2011 Curricula

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What are we going to be studying this following year? Well assuming all goes well with our summer school we shall be embarking upon an exciting year Insha’Allah. Below is the round up:

Writing: We will continue to use WWE3 in September but also start Writing Tales [WT]1 which should be finished by January. I’ve already discussed why I’ve chosen WT so if you are interested you can find that post on here. Once finished we’ll then start on Sentence Island [Really looking forward to both curricula] which is part of our new language arts curricula[MCTLA]. I’m not sure yet whether we will continue on with WWE in the following years. Perhaps we would have done enough copywork/narration/dictation to be able to move to the next stage. If I feel F needs any extra practice in this area, I guess it can be utilized from the other subjects.

Spelling: AAS 3&4 as well as SWO C&D. Although AAS is a great curriculum we will still use SWO as supplement, just to get more practice.

Vocabulary: WW3000 3&4 up until January and then we will start Building language which is the Vocabulary book for the MCTLA curricula. Having said that we may also continue with WW3000 by using level 5 also, I am not sure. I guess it will depend if the work load is ok for F.

Reading: we shall continue to use ETC books 6,7,8,. They will allow F to practice skills already learnt from OPG. We may dip back into OPG now and again, in case F has forgets a rule.

Grammar: we hope to start and finish FLL3 in the autumn term so that we will be on course to begin Grammar Island in January. I’m doing it this way, because I find the first two levels of FLL to be quite basic. I’m hoping that F will benefit from the diagramming aspect which is introduced on the third level. We will also use the Practice Island workbook to reinforce the principles covered in the core text.

Poetry: We haven’t directly studied the language of poetry this year. This will change in January when we will start using The Music of the Hemispheres. F and I are really looking forward to this book. F is a lover of words, and although she is only a second grader I can foresee that she will appreciate poetry. Great stuff!!

Maths: We will start on RSM B in September and finish it sometime in December. At which point we will continue on to RSM C and restart MUS Gramma. Do I sound like I’m over doing it by making her do maths twice? Hmm I don’t think so. She’s a bright kid, who picks up on things real fast and happens to have an excellent memory, so I hope to utilize her ability and to stretch it just enough to help her to reach her potential. Look out for an update in the year on how we get on with this plan.

Science: We did next to none with our science curriculum this year. So next year I shall make a huge effort to get into the swing of things in this area. We will continue to use Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding but also start using R.E.A.L Science Life level 1. I’m not sure how we will get on, I’m assuming that we will use them throughout the year.

History: This is another area that we fell short of this year. I had originally hoped to use Story of the World book 1, however I’ve decided to step back for the coming year and study The Story of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir. I’m looking forward to write up a plan of study on this topic, I’ll update you when it‘s finished Insha’Allah.

Geography:  I wasn’t sure where to go with this one to be honest. I’ve recently made a purchase of The Trail Guide to World Geography so I’ll give this ago Insha’Allah. Perhaps this is one of those subjects that is better taught using living books? Must look into it!

Islamic Studies: I have huge plans in this subject. Well not necessarily plans more like aims. I hope for F to have completed memorising Juz Ama [A chapter of the Quran] by second grade. She is currently studying the Quran Phonics which she will have finished by the summer. Thus by the autumn term I will start her on reading and revising at the same time. I much prefer for her to be able to read and then revise as she goes along. I am hoping that this will enable her to store this in her long term memory.

She will also continue to work on her Islamic workbooks throughout the year, I’ve decided to take these slowly because I hope to start her on reading and memorising The Three Fundamental Principles of Islaam. I hope to organise this book in a way that she will understand without diluting its content. She is an attentive listener with regards to religion, and she was already jumping up and down, when I told her she will study one of mummy’s books. Happy faces all round!

Well thats all we’ve got at the moment. I’m hoping that this will be more than enough to keep us busy next year. I wonder what you guys plan to use. do share! 🙂

July 14, 2010

Last week and a little of this one.

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We’ve had a pretty relaxed week, taking things slowly and not living by the schedual as much as I’d hoped. To be honest I’m not really a schedual type of gal so this was always going to be a bit of a strech for me. Nonetheless we did meet most of our targets at the end of the week.

Firstly we managed to get through AAS1 and are soon to start AAS2 next week Insha’Allah. I am hoping to do a quick review this week of SWO B so that we can get a move on with this also and have it finished by the summer Insha’allah. We wont work on it as often as AAS1 so Insha’Allah that will strech out for the summer. Although AAS1 was pretty easy 99% of the time, it allowed for us to have a gental introduction to the program, so that F is now comfortable with it and is very much looking forward to the next stage Insha’Allah. We were also able to pick a few new rules that we hadn’t covered before, for example the difference between having a K or a ck at the end of a word. I didn’t even know the ‘why’ myself! aint it weired how your just know what looks right, or rather how it is spelled but don’t have a clue about the rule? Alhamdulilah I can foresee that I will relearn alot whilst homeschooling F 🙂

We didn’t cover much on the Maths front, and have decided that this week we will do some review work insted of moving on. Insha’Allah it will give F some free time to really absorb most of the information she has been learning. We were really excited to have RSM delivered yesterday morning. I have been having a sneak peek and all the manipulatives look really cool. Baby K was most excited to get her hands on things Masha’Allah :-). I made a quick comparision last night between the two programs, and am wondering how I will enable F to maintain alot of the principles that she would have learnt in Beta [MUS], perhaps I will have to make some enrichment material for her just to keep her on her toes. Over all we’re all very excited about starting RSM in september Insha’Allah.

We’re still reading through OPG and some times feel a little surprised at how quickly F is able to apply the rules she learns. Masha’Allah her reading is really coming along now which I am very pleased with. I recently brought her a reward chart and a load of stickers to help encourage her in her reading. It seems to be changing her attitude some what as she looks forward to picking her stickers. Perhaps at the end of each week I will reward her with doing an activity of her choice twice in the week. This way she will not only get to look forward to our activities but hopfully the promise of more will motivate her to make a consious effort in her reading Insha’Allah. I’ll update you with how she gets on.

Her Quran classes have been going ok. The work is still basic for her, but she enjoys sitting on the computer without baby K’s distractions lol. Its soon going to get a little tougher for her but were both looking forward to it Insha’Allah. I love to see her with a Mushaaf in her hand reading the Quran. I consider it one of the most blessed moments as a muslim mum. Baby K has been joining in with some reading, shes being learning to say Aalif Baa Taa Thaa Geem Haa [arabic alphabet]. Walahi its amazing how much babies pick up just from observing you.

I’ve been wondering about schooling baby K who is very interested in participating at school time. I usually give her crayons and a book and she sits happily for a good while concentrating on her colouring. I can see already that she appreciates the responsibility [I amost laughed thinking to connect this word with a 14month old] of working with F. How her face lights up when I ask her if she wants to take part is priceless Masha’Allah. Schooling her at this stage wouldn’t be anything formal, perhaps in autumn Insha’Allah I can start her on word and number recognition. I had already brought some things for her, Insha’Allah I will have to dig it up and see what maybe relevant.

Thats all for now. All the best!

July 4, 2010

Enrichment Curricula!

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Since I’ve been going on about our spin material as of late, I thought it worthwhile having a run through at some of the extra materials that we have. We haven’t used all of them, and rather pick and choice as and when I feel F may need some extra aid. Below is a list of what we have and what modules they fall into:

Reading/Phonics: Explode the code

Writing: WriteShop Primary A

Grammar: Grammar Land, Big Grammar Book and Daily Grammar

Spelling: Spelling Workout and maybe Sequential Spelling

Critical Thinking/Phonics/Reading: Language Smart

Maths: Singapore Maths

Science: R.E.A.L Science [Life]

History: A Child’s History of the World

What are you using and why?

2010-2011 Curricula Changes

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I hinted in my last post that we would possibly make some more changes to our 2010-2011 year curricula. Well the biggest changes at the moment would be in our Language Art curricula. I did say that we found the WWE curriculum quite slow some times, and although I do see the benefits of working through copy work, narration and then dictation I still worry that F is not actively being given opportunity to actually write.

With this in mind I started looking into other writing programs. I was considering Classical Writing when I came across Writing Tales. This program offers two levels of study. I am considering to only do one. Although this may change depending on how F gets on with the work. The work is based on studying a story which is covered in two lessons. Each lesson is about a week long. The most appealing thing to me about this curriculum is that it takes WWE principles a step further which is great. Here the student is given the opportunity to study a story in depth and to then rewrite the story.

Now although the classical approach calls for a stricter rule of not deviating i.e. creativity not being necessary in the grammar stages I don’t think there is any harm in fostering a child’s natural inclination of creativity. And behold Writing Tales contend that this not only increases the enjoyment for the child as they are being given an opportunity to make a personal input but also that the two principles combined will continue to foster a sound understanding of how to craft words into well-written sentences.

Sounds great huh? Our first level just came through the post and having had a skim read, I am quite pleased with it. I’m considering on having F start it sometime in September once we have finished WWE2. We will continue with WWE3 alongside Writing Tales as I am planning on introducing the Michael Clay Thompson curricula in January. I’m not quite sure if that would be the best time to move on, this will depend on how F gets on in the mean time. Insha’Allah Kair. So that’s my plans for now until January at least. Stay tuned folks!

July 2, 2010

A years glance & summer plans…

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Aside from not blogging I have been quite busy with homeschooling. Having started our first year of homeschooling in the middle of the year, I feel that F has missed on quite some work. In a bid to catch up, Insha’Allah we will work through the summer on a tight schedule to ensure that the bulk of the work gets done. We have recently been doing a 7day school routine, which has at times felt a little stressful. However, Alhamdulilah we are finally getting into the swing of things . Schooling 7days a week may sound a little much at first, however, we do much of our school work in the mornings, which does allow us to enjoy most of our afternoons doing other things.

What do we have to get through? Oh just the small task of completing grade 1 and two curricula  No biggy!!!

At first the panicking sensation every time I opened a grade 1 book almost worried me to death! However, sometime last month I was able to identify the speed in which F could get work done, without feeling burdened by the work load. Masha’Allah she is a bright kid, picking up on things very quickly with the ability to draw connections in her work and so I was able to make an outline, of how to tackle this task. I didn’t want to cover material for the sake of ticking of a check list, the most important thing is to ensure that she’s actively learning and retaining that information, which I feel so far we are doing well on.

So what are we doing you may be wondering? Well I made a decision to concentrate on developing her Language Art skills, her studies in Islam as well as setting a foundation in her arithmetic. I’ve decided to hold off on Science, Geography/History and a few other bits and bobs until the autumn term.

There have been a few changes in our choice of curricula. We have swapped Singapore Maths [SM] for Maths U See [MUS] Delta, as I didn’t personally find SM all that great. Although it is a very popular choice in many homes, I didn’t feel there were enough exercises to ensure mastery as well as the somewhat awkwardness of its teaching style. MUS Masha’Allah is going quite well. We are currently on lesson 14 and hope to finish it by august. In which time, I hope to start Right Start Maths [RS]. I am hoping that the use of RS will enable F to have plenty of opportunity to reinforce the concepts covered in MUS. Perhaps we will finish RS B in October time, and then move on to the following levels Insha’Allah. As I am tying this I wonder how other families cover the material and how long it would usually take them to do so? At the moment we cover 4 lessons a week, which may take us an hour or so to complete. If I feel F needs a little more practice I have recently been dipping into SM there’s no point in letting it go to waste I guess.

With regards to Language Art we managed to complete WWE1 last week and have started WWE2 this week. Insha’Allah I hope to have this completed by august also. I have noticed that there’s quite a jump between the two levels, so we are covering a narration and a dictation in the first day, and then a narration, copy work and dictation in the next. Although this is still speeding up the pace a little we are going slower than before. Although were enjoying our lessons in WWE I do find that it is quite a slow curriculum, does anyone else agree?. Consequently, I can picture F becoming bored quite quickly if we were to spread the work out as recommended. I am also hoping to complete FLL2 by the end of august so that we can start FLL3 in due course with WWE3 in the autumn.

We have had some changes in our spelling curricula. Previously we were using Spelling Workout[SW] and I also had Sequential Spelling at hand which I was hoping to start. I went through it and didn’t see F learning the rules of spelling which i think is essential. Something that also lacked in SW and so we have moved on to All About Spelling[AAS] 1&2 for the summer. We’re finding AAS1 quite easy, but I thought it best to complete it as a review to our phonics as well as a gradual change over. This multi sensory curriculum is proving to be a hit for us. Even baby K gets involved with the letter tiles, and has recently learnt the phonic sounds of A B and C… How cute huh? Masha’Allah. So with spelling the plan is to be on AAS3 by autumn Insha’Allah. We’re still going to keep SW as an enrichment activity Insha’Allah, so we will have SW B finished this summer to start SW C in autumn Insha’Allah.

With regards to vocabulary, were covering Worldly Wise 3000 grade 2 and hope to have it finished by autumn in order to start grade 3. Although we could properly have covered more in this area, I don’t want our school work to seem a lot of work for her, so we’re just going to take our time with this one. One thing I have noticed her improving upon is her ability to cover the extract questions on her own. Masha’Allah I thought she may find this a little difficult at first but she has been doing fine. The rest of the questions seem easy for her actually so I am glad that a part of it is requiring her to think a little deeper.

We are zooming through our Explode the Code books 3-5 which is her reading enrichment activity books. Their very easy to complete and so are working well as a review for phonics, spelling and vocabulary. Best of all she does them when I’m busy running around so they keep her busy for a little while, no more ‘mum what shall I do?’ lol

We’re still prodding along with the Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading. Much of it is a review of rules we have come across in our daily reading. Insha’Allah I hope to finish it by august also. I am hoping that soon she will be ready for chapter books. Her reading isn’t her strongest area, but I have noticed that she doesn’t enjoy it so much as she used to when she was younger. I get moans of ‘mummy do I have tooo’ ahhh!! I sort of stuck with ideas to stimulate her to enjoy her reading. Dont get me wrong, once she gets into the book I often find her snuggling with it happily on the sofa. But the initial fight is still there. I am hoping that it’s just a phase did anyone have this problem at some point? How did you get round it? Would love to hear some ideas Insha’Allah.

For our Islamic studies we have started using The Islamic Studies workbooks by The International Curricula Organisation. We haven’t advanced in them to be honest, but Insha’Allah that is the purpose of this summer right? To catch up! I’ve also recently enrolled F on Quran summer program, she had her first lesson yesterday. Although it is pretty basic for her at the moment, I am happy for her to spend her summer covering Qaaidatun-Noor, Id already started this book with her, but it would be great to have an actual teacher to correct some of her pronunciation Insha’Allah.

For the future, I have been looking and evaluating our current curricula to identify how well or not our current choices fit us. Alhamdulilah I have made a few changes for the coming year, perhaps some time in January we will alternate our choices. I have already made a few decisions and purchases and feel quite excited about them. Look out for that post 

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